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What we do

There is a selection of the wide range of works we offer here.


  • Construction and design of machinery and equipment
  • Optimization of existing machinery
  • Creating a 3D model and a 2D drawing of a component in SOLIDWORKS
  • CNC machine programming using SOLIDCAM software

Milling works

  • CNC milling of simple and complicated parts
  • Milling and adjustment of cylinder heads of all kinds
  • Preparation of jigs, guides, bevels
  • Shaping the internal slots, pulleys, etc.

Lathing works

  • Lathing of brake drums, discs, valves, rotors, pulleys
  • Production and repair of trapezoidal threads and helix
  • Production of die punches, shafts, pins, flanges
  • Rods bushing (repairs)

Locksmith's products

  • Manufacturing of tables, stands, holders, tailor made cabinets, benches, boxes, containers, lattices and other articles of structural steel.
  • Simple welding work
  • Welding of iron and stainless steel

Drilling work

  • Holes drilling
  • Thread cutting of different types
  • Drilling of flanges, brackets, pins, bushes
  • Production of jigs, handles, eccentric

Grinding works

  • Grindings of shafts and various rotary components, pins and axles
  • Grinding of flat and square parts